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Customs and thoughts into light

We have to get rid of old customs and thoughts.We are increasingly seeing that there is talk of devil and Satanism.We may wonder is that all is actually the case or are it forces that man did not understand during her evolution?Has people not understood her message and is reincarnation not understood?These are all questions that our lives have determined.If you want to understand the devil and Satanism you will first be able to look into yourself.Our electromagnetic energies that in our houses such as emotion and our mental well -being ensure that we think who we are but there is a different energy that we can also call interdimensional.This interdimensional energy actually says that what our body is is that we can get to work with.It is the connection with the higher energies that we call soul and spirit.We can then call the interdimensional energy the astral part.We are cosmic creatures who come here from the Spirit or Spirit to gain experiences.
At the moment we also see that we quickly label someone which is often seen as threatening.We threaten peoples, personal weaknesses and we no longer even see that we have them ourselves.The devil in ourselves speaks volumes and everyone has a devil somewhere but is also afraid of it.As a result, we often weaken ourselves or pretend we are strong to hide the weakness.
Now we can d.m.v.Colors healing, for example, support and ensure that these weaknesses start to express themselves in a different way.We are no longer afraid and are more balanced with ourselves.The weakness (devil or satanism) gets a different impulse because the natural forces are encouraged to be in balance by colors.Colors are sent remotely by means ofA slide projector and a screen on which an image of a person is depicted with the associated chakras.See through the coordination as an intermediary we see that the colors are looking for a new path from which this balance is created.It is therefore important that you give permission to the intermediary who confirms this work for you.
In fact, the following happens: your gland systems, nervous system and organs are provided with natural energy, which we also call light.It is a reaction to the negative aspects of yourself and it adjusts to change partly consciously but also partly unconsciously, the latter depends to what extent you are aware and in what phase you are in that consciousness.In fact, a complete consciousness also has its filters that protect you and that gives you the freedom to learn to discover yourself.In fact, there is free will.

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