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Body Tuners

The C & G tuning fork 256 hz and 384 hz
We also call them body tuners

Method: healing aspect of soul and body
The two tuning forks can be struck against each other because they are made of aluminum. When you strike these together and bring them close together, another tone is created, which we also call AUM.

We can speed up the balance in the brain by moving these two tuning forks along the skull. Here one will experience hearing the different tone variations that show that the balance is not in balance. Because the central point is aum, these are perceived in the brain and a different energy starts working.

However, despite the effect being activated, it may be integrated into the brain. That requires healing. Incidentally, with these tuning forks you can also approach other parts of the body, for example to activate the mobility functions.

Electromagnetic treatment (movie is still being made)

Perceiving (feeling) the aura and aura healing
First of all you will be allowed to know approximately the construction of the aura. Everyone has an electric magnetic field around them. Certain fleeing forces also work in this, these can be located in people under the feet (upward fleeing force) and above the head (downward fleeing force). There is a positive and negative pole. Up is Positive and Down is Negative. When one feels cold it is Negative, when one feels heat Positive. For example, the field can be too high or the other way around too low or hang on 1 certain side. You can build up the aura in three segments; the lower part (legs and pelvis) is for mobility. The second part is for the functions (heart, stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, etc.) and the upper part is the center of everything (brain, thinking, emotions). The intention of the healing is to create a balance in all these three segments so that a renewed re-experiencing (insight) is achieved. This will allow the individual to restore themselves in their own unique way.
The act includes:
• Tuning in to the person
• Restore the cosmos earth
• Restore the earth-cosmos connection
How do you proceed ? “first of all you tune in to the person” i.e. you ask from your silence whether you can do what is right for him/her. Then you first go over 1 meter above the head with your hands horizontally bring the hands down towards the crown (with spread fingers) to 20 centimeters above the head. Here you experience cold and warm currents, you feel that you are pressing against layers of air, they sometimes say. Leave it for what it is. You are now 20 cm above the head with both hands, with both hands slowly bring the energy back, along the spine, to the tailbone. (not too fast, take your time, trust your gut). You do this 3 times. This first bit is fairly simple and the slower you send the energy from top to bottom towards the crown, the better the electromagnetic energy can find its way again. The connection to the buttock is necessary to reconnect the flighty forces of which you feel the upper downward flighty force to the earth (buttock). You have now established a connection from the cosmos to the earth, but you may now also restore the earth connection to the cosmos the other way around, insofar as this is within your capabilities.
How do we do that?
We work approximately from the tailbone as low as possible along the right and left hips. We hold our hands in such a way that the palms (inner hand) are facing upwards. There you can feel the flying force again and it will bring it up. Both right and left of the hip you raise the hands horizontally slowly (!) upwards. You will probably notice that one hand weighs more than the other. Slowly bring the hands up along the body. When you reach the shoulders, go up along the head to about 20 centimeters above the head. Turn the hand that weighs heaviest for your feeling, the energy to the head. Take the other hand and wrap it together. Then you go with the hands horizontally along the spine again to the tailbone. You do this 3 times.
After doing this place your hands in a pyramid shape 20 cm above the person’s head and say something nice in your mind that you wish them at that moment. Then, as a conclusion, place your hands on your shoulders.
This action can be used by anyone. It is intended to support the person undergoing it in the process and also that they themselves take care of processing it. This treatment is applicable to everyone and can ensure a better recovery.

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