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Color healing

Color healing

There are several options you can do for yourself to work with colors.

1: visualize with colors
2: support each other to blow a certain color at each other
3: make a color table for yourself and/or your family and friends
4: Color support via
5: color healing via this form is not yet well known and requires some explanation that you can find via the menu.

Howto visualize color

Visualizing color is the most simple way to use. It looks like meditation and therefor you have to sit down or even lay down on a sofa or bed. Then aks yourselves which color you needed on a exate place for example an organ. Trust yourself and don’t think i am wrong or something else. there will appear some thoughts which is about feeling and color you can use. In fact the feeling is the color Soon more hereover!!!


Helping your neighbour easily

Our body is elektromagnetic and do you have a neighbour who needs a litle help just blow a color to them.