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My Biography

My biography

As a child I was always fascinated by looking at pictures about the human body. My mother had a booklet with transparent sheets about anatomy, where organs are located, how the nervous system was built up and so on. I have always remembered that and still have that booklet as a memento. Around my fifth year of life I got a whiplash that will affect my life until at least my 30th birthday. Studying was not an option at the time. The vertebra in my neck blocked certain currents so that I could, for example, read a chapter of a book but had to reread it the next day because I had lost everything there was. Also around my fifth year of life I received several visions that all came true. This was nothing special to me. For example, one such vision was that I will meet a man who will help me get out of this problem (neck). During that period I suddenly understood English lyrics and could easily read everything again. This was often about esotericism, colors and sound. For those reasons I also came into contact with an international school for holistic psychotherapy. Here I also followed color therapy and completed it in 1998. The feeling of colors and sound is not strange to me as on my mother’s side with the family name Rieu and mother herself who was a painter was very familiar with this. But no matter how many times I tried to bring out my work as a holistic therapist, I couldn’t make it my work. From 2006 to 2016 I had an internet radio station with some friends where we interviewed David Icke, Massaru Emoto and many others and I myself gave the program ‘color yourself free’. During this period I also worked as a janitor, postman and volunteered at the fire brigade. At the moment there is a new challenge this has to do with this new time that is coming and is certainly busy now.