new year of light work

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Dear Friends, Welcome to the new year of Light Work in a period where the unfinished business of history shows as at meeting point within most every aspect of life. There is an incoming tide of incarnations associated to the historical networks of civil wars and the divine right given to royalty and religious leaders. […]

Magnetism and gravity

esoteric News

Magnetism and gravity — two of the purest elements contained within the earth. Each planet and system within the galaxies develops its own rhythms, frequencies and vibrations. These are determined by the speed or movement, the distance of the planet itself from the parent sun and to its satellites. We must see that the whole […]



meditation: The SEQUENCE of TIME Time is the holy prayer which passes the understanding of mortals, but is composed of the very presence of all substances in movement. Time is the birth and the cradle, it is the seed in the ground. It is eternity working within the movement of stars, for time is an […]