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color group distant healing

Every last sunday of the month color distant healing Every last sunday you can have a distant color healing for free. I tune into the group while you lay down and be open to recieve these beautifull rays of color.  The first sunday is on 27 of october (last sunday) If you like to connect…

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choose your distant color healing

If you like a quick healing support The color support is within 2 hours online for you. Just choose below which programm You like.    quick support Emergency a quick color healing.€15Paypal full color treatment on distant color distant healing full healing support with 2 emails€80Paypal distant healing with sound & color color & sound healing full…

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evolution of mankind

The evolution of mankind is being overshadowed by cosmic frequencies of light beyond ordinary calculation. As a whole, the path of the evolution of the humanities has attained a sufficient and consistent level to be taken into a higher stage of responsibility in universal measure. This is already anchored within the higher levels of the…

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