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colour and reshaping times

It is a strange reshaping time when we seem to be pushed forwards and yet thrown backwards at the same time – a time of extremes.Translucent colours from the highest dimensions enfold the Human Spirit reminding us of where we have come from, of being a part of a Divine plan. Have we forgotten? Sometimes the innermost situations give us space to reflect. The colours are pink, violet, light blues and some so elusive it is hard to grasp. The feeling is one of total unconditional love and compassion.At the other extreme, we are all thrown into immovable confusion which shockingly seems to come from nowhere- colours are mixed, mostly earthly. In between both states of consciousness the colour indigo acts like a bridge of light connecting the memory of a higher realisation and one of uncertainty. Being restricted and constrained feels like we are trapped, nowhere to go or move outside of ourselves. Our vulnerabilities are challenged as well as our strengths. Regrettably in all extremes of energy and consciousness confusion brings in negative aspects as well as positive. For those who live in dangerous conditions. We enfold them with vibrations of the deepest love and support radiating colours of pink and cobalt blue.Indigo with its beautiful depth of reality within the Third Eye chakra allows us to look within to a simpler form of existence, to remember times past where life was confined but it brought out the best in all of us remembering the values of life – less is more.The pleasure of assisting others in need and the joy of rediscovering nature in all her glory gladdens the heart. Green brings in a rejuvenation of the human spirit and the realisation that we are a part of all life.For those who choose to return to spirit within this testing time, we surround them with compassion and joy, accepting that it is their soul decision. Imagine the light and love that receives them.It feels as though the aurora borealis is in evidence with all its cosmic display; usually seen in high altitudes as a disturbance in the magnetosphere, radiations of colours streaming invisibly connecting dimensions, reawakening memories, thought processes, emotional needs and sensory awareness. It is a gift- one that we may all benefit from. written by Pam Blake-Wilson

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Comments July P. Goldman

Changes are emerging in the nature of existence and the many-life structures.
A different relationship to Families of Origin is emerging.
The place of the child in the family, the expression of the Soul through Gender and the nature of personality is altering.
Karmic time/space relationships are entering a new phase. 
The dynamic tension between spirit and matter is of a changing order.
The invisible is becoming more visible and the material reality more subtle.
The indications are of Soul consciousness entering more fully into the pathways and structures of the brain and in parallel, higher light frequencies are flowing safely through the chakra system.  Health at a cellular level is rising above that of many present day bacterial and viral diseases.
The capacity of the inter-dimensional sense or ‘presence’ is closer to that of ‘enlightenment where we can bring and hold spiritual focus as a new norm.
In one way it this allows a sense of innerfreedom which suggests the dissolving of historical shadows   and then there is a shifting in the biochemical imprint of race and gender – which is clearly visible in current experience.
If this is subtle and gradual and without drama, then psychological imprinting will not overshadow the gifts and talents of the individual as they mature.  The hazards and challenges of incarnation to its ‘higher purposes is diminished and the ‘promise of a life’ remains intact.

Color groups healing

Keeping harmony within yourself
the dissatisfaction with the current situation is causing unrest. Can we continue to trust within our own circle of family and maintain ourselves and beyond without losing ourselves ?
color healing tries to give you a balance in this so that you feel more at ease with the unrest that takes place outside us

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color group healing

on 31 May 11:00 – 12:00 a group color healing will take place again.

Theme: Be human and let go.

We have been the target of thoughts and intentions that people bring with them for several months.
It’s not about feeding that fear but about seeing what fear can do to us and whether or not we want it. Fear has colored us in varying degrees and we are now moving uncertainly. All that remains for us is to find a basic feeling in our being. We have long strayed from the way in which others like marketing and others want to see the interests of us as humans and as goals.
We no longer want to be manipulated by this approach and rather face the truth.

Science, which in itself is a religion of its own, on which society is based, has failed. Our emotional, mental and astral powers are very impressionable. When we look at the current situation, we see that the weak are allowed to let go under us. We envision death, which is not actually death, but a state to another process that is still so unclear to many. “There is no death, there is a continuity of life.” For example, when a virus can strengthen itself in the body, it has to do with our immune system. Older people and often also the weaker person (who may go earlier, of course) also has a weak psychological astral body. This astral body has to do with what we have to do with this life now. It is therefore directly connected to our emotional, mental energy and which in turn are connected to the muscles. You therefore understand that our respiratory system makes a lot of use of muscles. In addition, our air condition also teaches us about how we approach and use Mother Earth.

Color healing in this group session of up to 40 people can make you feel different and help support your immune system. Registration is desirable via this site and / or the Dutch site

Color Group Session Please, count me in

healing time 11:00 – 12:00 h +1 GMT

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A message for today, from Peter

A message for today, from Peter….

“As I reflect into the colours in these times, I think about the issues we face on planet Earth today, I feel into colours of violet raising the consciousness of man, green with its quality of regeneration and balance and restoration within Nature, gold to bring in a higher wisdom and pink for unconditional love – then for some intriguing reason my mind turns to the Essenes the Brotherhood and Sisterhood way back in 100BCE where Jesus was born. This was a community who lived a simple way of life that respected nature, the elements and all aspects of life. Some refer to them as ‘The Preparers of the Way’ or ‘Sons of Light’. There were groups found on the shores of lakes and rivers in such areas as Israel, Egypt and Syria away from cities and towns where they practiced lives of simplicity and purpose, openness to evolving consciousness and a connection with nature and cosmic forces and so much more to do inner healing.

If this image is circulating within my mind, I know that it lies within the atmosphere so others may invoke this longing and sense of belonging, to bring back such beauty and harmony into our living and being today.

What colours come forth, which colours reflect the power and purpose needed now? Would they be different from the early centuries or would they manifest different qualities to meet new frequencies now? My mind feels into peach blossom a colour that is said to hover between magenta and cobalt blue and violet – this colour encourages consciousness of the head towards a deeper awareness within the heart. Gold too flows easily hopefully remembering old wisdoms and later viridian green to bring in healing, restoration and balance.

Allow these beautiful energies to ascend and expand bringing all that was precious in the time of the Essenes to our time on Earth now.”

*~Peter Goldman~.

how color-healing works

A explanation of why this color healing is working. This comes from the founder R.P. Beesley 1904 – 1978 gallilee serrie book 7 chapter 4 The photograph of the psychic influence

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Challenges and opportunities of the age of light (free translation text 2020/02/20 PeterGoldman)


We have crossed the threshold to the age of light and are now in one new world. Even if the old forms still prevail in the third dimension,we feel: the new one is already there! But what can we expect here? How can we do the best?prepare for this new? What does it mean? Spiritual teacher Peter Goldman looks at some processes and problems that we encounter. We can look forward to the future!The possibilities that are now available at the beginning of the age of light are enormous andastonishing. The challenges are that to get ahead, the shadows of thehistory must be brought to light and transformed – and that is happening now.Just like the shadows of history, our individual shadow aspects must alsobe brought to light. This is a challenge for modern medicine, which is in transition from body-related chemistry to the psyche. The individual experiences much more pressure,both psychologically and spiritually. Because the age of light brings shadows into the light to themdiseases, diseases and physical imbalances are different. We are going to have a time ofmedical diseases in which spiritual healing with colors and sounds is becoming increasingly importantis going to be. The medicines of the future are not in a bottle or tablet. It’s great if itspiritual color and sound-restoring work can spread because it is also healingdeals with consciousness and not just the outer form.The roots of the religions are beautiful. The structures of the religions must now be changed,which is only possible very slowly. They will change and it will not be pleasant. Us becametold what to believe. This is about stories and history that has been constantly repeated. But thetruth in the religions themselves is not always accessible. If this area opens up more, we have onemore direct access to light through the original teachers and teachings. The natural nature ofreligion is emancipation, which causes spontaneous awareness. It gives the soul a choicewho can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. As a result, we are no longerself-destructive and we do not isolate ourselves from other people. And we no longer feel ourselvesAttracted to substances that work by manipulation and sensations instead of a naturalawakening consciousness.Newly arrived souls will be able to handle it. However, there are still many forces that arisefeed like parasites and they try to gain power. But this is the world that we learn to steerto bring order. The invisible world is becoming more visible

color group healing

Register colors group healing at a distance March 29, 2020. A blessing for you that supports you and stimulates your inner workings in a very subtle way. Once you experience the colors, you notice that something in yourself is changing. By the effect of this subtle energy help yourself with the nourishment of light in your nervous system, organs, glandular systems etc. Given the work I can do for you is a maximum of 40 participants. Below is the registration form. Your e-mail, name and agreement to participate is mandatory. This is necessary out of respect to be allowed to tune in with you. theme for this session is: how to deal with your instinctive and emotional response in life. How to stay in harmony.

When we work at these levels, we see a problem in today’s society that demands change.

sorry it is not allowed to register anymore

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