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Ancient Wisdom

Esoteric man has always been aware of energy fields in and around the body. In our time, science confirms that all matter is a form of energy within an energy pattern. This is an important starting point when we want to delve into human health and ask ourselves how disease arises. Conventional medicine treats symptoms of disease, but hardly relates them to the human mind or soul, sees no causal connection with the physical plane or with the environment. Dramatic events in the past or present, negative emotions, or a life focused solely on the gratification of the senses can alter the body’s chemistry and cause disease. Symptoms are the result of tension, but not the cause. Most patients mainly need good advice and understanding. Illness means that the communication between the bodily functions, i.e. the connection between the different levels of energy, is disturbed. In other words, between one level of consciousness and another, between the metaphysical part of ourselves, the soul, the physical body and consciousness. When regular medicine cannot help us, it is possible that the patient feels empty-handed and has no hope of recovery. It is of the utmost importance for man to understand the universal laws, the laws of nature that direct the natural well-being of man in every field. The laws that govern the health of body, emotions, mind and soul. There are teachings that teach man understanding how to regain his health, how to maintain it and also how to avoid the various chronic diseases that are prevalent at this time. Man is more than a physical body that functions through the brain, nervous system and five senses. Man lives on different planes of consciousness. Science calls these energy fields. Some see this as colors, see a pattern that we call the aura. The energy fields that reveal the body, this aura, say something about the history and character of man, about his mental, emotional and spiritual health. Man lives within this energy pattern, which is constantly changing according to his thinking, living and acting. The vibrational energy of the aura affects objects, persons, a house or a place where we work. this energy creates vibrations in the atmosphere, which can be harmonic or disruptive. we in turn are influenced by the environment, by the nature around us, by people and thoughts, buildings and cosmic rays. If we lack philosophy, a philosophy that helps us understand the laws that govern and protect life, disease and social problems will continue. The world of our thinking and the spiritual nature of man play a much greater role in our lives than most of us are aware. Living without an understanding of our spiritual nature makes us sick and unhappy, makes the soul unable to bring forth the right values. Overwhelmed by emotional problems, fears, jealousy, hatred and greed will make man aggressive in life.

Understanding the cosmic laws and the functions of our spiritual part will deepen our insight into the joys, but also the sorrows in our lives. Man’s earthly experiences are part of evolution. They will help us re-awaken to the wonder of life and reveal to us the purpose of human existence.

Based on this understanding, Johan van de Sande works with color balancing and looks at illness from this ancient wisdom. Seeing man as a spiritual being, manifested in matter, created and guided by the higher cosmic consciousness, which we also call God.