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Customs and thoughts into light

We have to get rid of old customs and thoughts.We are increasingly seeing that there is talk of devil and Satanism.We may wonder is that all is actually the case or are it forces that man did not understand during her evolution?Has people not understood her message and is reincarnation not understood?These are all questions…

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subtle distant colorhealing

Healing with color how it all works The subtle way of healing comes from the idea of Ronald Beesley 1904 - 1978. When he visited the Himalayas, he spoke to a doctor who lived in the valley. He asked the doctor what and how he did it with the people who lived up in the…

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color healing work

Consciousness is a hologram uniting the many levels of our being with time and space. Light is an active force in itself and the carrier of a continuous flow of vital information into the dynamics of living. Colour translates this into the specific frequencies of the building blocks of life. Sound weaves it all into…

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