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The seven rhythm in collaboration with sound and color

Our body needs seven years to renew its cells
Each system of the body takes about 6 to 8 weeks to transition into another system.

Which systems do we know:
• mobility system
• regeneration system
• digestion : system of releasing
• circulatory and respiratory system / organ systems and specialized cells
• glandular system
• nervous system
• coordination and integration of systems
So the key to rhythm to get the ultimate soul purpose working goes through these systems.

This system is regulated through the spinal column. The vertebrae individually carry their frequency and color code. By applying sound and/or color to those individual vertebrae, you can balance the system. The principle is colors and sound are natural ingredients and so in fact frequencies that stimulate the frequencies of the spine. Nature always strives for balance and harmony and will therefore gradually strive back to balance through the seven systems.


An other option can be included through healing. it works very fine for integrating color and sound into the gravity system.  for explain howto heal goto Body tuners