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Sound (fonoforese) and Color balancing

Our life needs a new approach for work and living. The old fashion way has done so far and during the period of this there was always hidden schools to teach people another way of view and live within themselves. So among the old way of living there were always people who are trying to show you another way. Mostly we called them healers or people who have sight. The only thing is they knew the way of another work area which is within themselves.

We are now facing the world more and more into difficulty and we can’t find any solution of it right now, but I can tell you there is an solution. It is hard working with respect for live and a way of love for your neighbor as for yourselves.

I found a way which can support you for a better living in spiritual harmony which is sound (tune-fork healing) and color ( distant color healing) The tune-forks will always try to support you forwardly into future. It remembers us who we really are and were we really belong. These cosmic sounds are very important to us. Sound will feed our nerve system directly, thats also why the emotions can be strong by good and nice music. These vibrations goes directly into the solar plexus which is connected to these nerve system. Even the muscle can react very fast to sound just put an tune-fork with a low vibration 128 hertz and for sure if these muscle have an high tone you only need to put a fork on the muscle and it will be very quick lower the tone. The psyche will use the muscle to release the emotions and there for it can even change the settings of the vertebra as we can have spine problems for it or even a wrong setting of the vertebra can damage our organs as well.

The healing for tune-forks we call it fonoforese It is the new approach for healing and I believe soon will the modern medical science agree with these abilities for healing. Dr John Beaulieu is the pioneer of these way of healing see his web on So for optimal physical balancing you can use the tune-forks. Tapping two BioSonic tuning forks will instantaneously alter your body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. In seconds … your body enters a deep state of relaxation. Feeling centered, your mind will be at peace..

more info about sound just sent an email to

Color is working in the same area as sound, but the density of color is more into the gas form (ether), while sound is more fluid. we all can feel the bass tone of a drum. Our whole body can shaken while we see them playing on the drums even miles a way. While sound is more physical is color working more into the subtle levels and reach much more further then sound. Color is used by angels and the ability for healing is on a higher level. using color is like using the GOD tune of the universe. The distant of color-healing has no end. Color is working to a personal balance. The harmonious rays will always connect you to uplift your way of living. Color is the evolution vibration of mankind, it helps everywhere to understand our own direction were we belong. Color is and will be always important because we are light beings. Our Soul is light and how more we can uplift our view of live by understanding our own way of living how more harmonious we are. We will see our body shining, thats why people can say that man, woman has a good radiation. Color-balancing works always as a distant healing. Like nature seeks to balance so color is doing it. If you like to have a emergency distant color balancing please find in menu.

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