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The SEQUENCE of TIME - R.P. Beesley

Time is the holy prayer which passes the understanding of mortals, but is composed of the very presence of all substances in movement. Time is the birth and the cradle, it is the seed in the ground. It is eternity working within the movement of stars, for time is an element, a material of space, which can be built and must be built in the substance of all forms of creation.
Time is the melody that passes through the centuries and records the history of many things. Time is like a floating cradle that embraces all things in its keeping and nourishes them in such time as their birth is ready. There are no motions or movements, cycles or rhythms that are without a sequence of the time element rotating in its heart and moving in its midst. For the mathematical universe of god is composed of movement and time is the eternal pendulum that marks the passing of the thresholds. An incarnation in the rhythm of time, the cry of a child as it awakens to its new state, or the call of those who pass into the rebirth of consciousness away form the density of matter, whether it is the storm, an earthquake , or a gentle breeze, or just the passing of the seasons, they are all wrapped in the mantle, the silent invisible mantle of holy time, that each seed be kept and planted at the moment of its purest birth, that the inception of a life visiting the great galaxies, floating in the very space of consciousness, working within the mind of god, floats not only in the holy ethers, but floats in the sea of time, the great ocean that spreads out from that which is the holiest and the purest and the loveliest, that it may bathe in the time sequence of its healing. That which is ugly is lost, bereft, for the wilderness of space is vast indeed; no man, no soul, will ever know its entirety. Only that small part time in which it lives, that small movement which it calls its life and that gentle session of coming and going in and through the many bodies, passing from light to darkness, from darkness to light, is the passage of time in its movements, caressing the wounds and healing those scars which only time can restore. For birth is the constant state. All things are being born, each and every moment it is being reborn. there are no stationary things in the movement of the heavens, all move in and out or through substance of matter and of thought and of consciousness with horizon upon horizon; all are bathed in the great glory of timelessness. For time although it is the measured in the movement of the sun, the moon and the stars, is still timeless. Eternity is time, time that needs not the recording of clocks or of machines or accounting. It is the eternal movement, that celestial centre, the invisible clock of the great universe itself that moves upon its great waters. Time is an allowance, like a holy currency that is bestowed upon a soul at each of its births, as a quality, as a finance as a sort of holy bank. And giving us credit is time. Each soul is allowed that part of time element in which to perform its miracles, to do its wonders, to discover and rediscover. Time is an eternal thing, a blessedness, yet a discipline. For whoever can wander amongst the stars and not ever be reminded that there is a home, a place from where we come and where we will return? Only time will know, for upon the crest of its waves are we born out of pass the gravity of stars on earth, move in that majestic state of the flow of the will of god.
Time is immortal, it knows not the mortality of flesh, neither is it tied to death and dying. It is a great ocean, a tidal wave which sweeps and takes all with it upon the very crest of its heart, its emotions, its love and carries all before it, like a ever moving stream. For wherever there is silence there is sound and wherever there is depth there is height and no matter what horizon the consciousness may flow, the heritage of time, the cradle of its birth is with it always. So let us not too long abide in the darkness of the cradle, but more on and out and up and into the great heights that waft through the time-space halls, the movement of eternity in action. For time calls too, like the sentinel at the gate, the passing of the hours. And it calls at midnight and it calls at noon, it calls the soul continuously, ever upon its journey. “Your time, your time, use me wisely pilgrim, seek me wherever you go. Not as a tyrant, use me not as a slave, but only as a gentle adviser, where the economy of the spirit may be served. And time, my time which embraces you and supports you, upon which you live and are wafted into the great waves of experience shall be your friend”.
Time is not my enemy and time is not my foe. Time is my blessing, to use it to the wisdom of my becoming. let each one put their hand in the hand of time and see it as the sentinel at the gate of the many dimensions, the any mansions which await the homecoming of each soul on its time-journey and in timelessness will it be born, out in time it will experience and the great rhythms that burst through the celestial heavens pour out the cosmic waves and all beat upon the tides of time. None will ever conquer, none will ever know, none can ever bargain with time. For it flows upon its eternal course and brooks us evil and brooks us good, it is but the endless, beautiful timeless stream which carries all its sons and daughters into the breathtaking future of its understanding. So look, look at the moon day, the sun and the stars and let your heart be light with joy. For time does not lay heavy upon the seeker of the soul, it rests but lightly. Time is only dense and heavy in a soul unawakened, filled with its unwanted despair and afraid of its death, afraid of its birth. Time is the greatest friend of all things, for all things pass away and in their passing they are recreated and shaped and formed into the new elements of things to be. The mantle of time rests upon each shoulder and the great clock of the cosmic heavens slowly moves to make its call and when the darks comes the times comes to collect you and takes you into the holy stream of your eternal future. “Have no fear, no regret, that you have used me well and every moment that has been the heritage of your giving has been invested in life” For that which is invested in life, in people, will live forever. But that which is invested just in the minerals or the fabric of an earth time will fade and they know it not. Be born again on the waves, the great tidal waves, the movement, for here we have graciousness, a gentleness and a strength which floats into the very heart of the cosmos from any surface of any star, and carries with it each soul upon its dwelling into the loveliness to where where it belongs. Time is the healer, it is the teacher. Time is that moment of proof, of recognition. And time is an experience in which all must move and have their being; for within its cradle were they born and in its waves they will be carried and in eternity will they be fed. let the heart be light that time weighs not heavily upon the hand, but always enjoy it as an expectation of things to do and things to be. For we are time glorious and to spread out the very wings and float into timeless seas and yet know the rhythms are controlling and signifying the presence. What then could a soul wish for more than to be bathed in the motion of eternity and wafted farther into the holy presence, the deep universe of god. For time will heal all scars and wounds, time will give that soul the time of its many incarnations and review its structures, its future, its past, its presents. This then is your parent, the element from which you were born and the great power of love will take you on. May time be your blessing, and you be a blessing into your time. is een copy van een meditatie door R.P. Beesley