I call this so since the effect of this specific seat in your head is special. The hypothalamus resides in your head somewhere above your pituitary gland. The pituitary gland provides as you probably know for the hormonal system. The hypothalamus records everything your brain receives and transmits. There is no feeling, emotion or whatever. It is the bridge to the soul. When our thinking is disturbed, the hypothalamus records this and sends signals to other organs. All this does not happen all at the physical but also at the energetic level (one could call it electromagnetic forces that transmit the operation). It is therefore important, for example, that acupuncture is used for this e.m. (electromagnetism). Our body responds very precisely to the energy that is present in this room (hypothalamus). When we become aware of our inner workings, energy is released and the very first signal is usually absorbed by the pituitary gland. This then sends out hormones that the body continues to operate. When you dissect the pituitary gland, you see that it consists of two parts, right and left. This represents the masculine and the feminine. Throughout evolution, we see major changes in the behavior of men and women. All the energy that is in this room can be described as cosmic dates of life now and the previous lives we have experienced. When you get into a coma, you enter that room, you often hear things from the outside, but you can not respond. An energetic protection of soul and body. The absolute silence is necessary to be able to regenerate. From the cosmos, on the other hand, helping souls can approach you. Via telepathy it is possible to get there and connect with you. One then discusses the traumatic experiences and whether you may choose to stay or to pass (it becomes clear if it is your time). So you understand that this room is a very important organ. It is the ultimate controller of the soul to the body. With major changes in consciousness, signals are sent to the pituitary gland and the endocrine glandular system. This shows that the body changes. Closely connected to the hypothalamus is the nervous system that runs through the pyramid path. The triangular ‘nerve’ then sends the signals to the nervous system. But also something amazing happens energetically. The triangular shape acts like a prism and breaks the light in colors to relevant organs and chakras. The organs represent planets with which we are connected. After all, we are cosmic beings.

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