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The inner work in color therapy  

These area is about fine tuning and working on the subtle levels which is needed to understand where we belong now. A certain understanding of cause and effects is needed. This can happen in the 4th dimension, the dimension of the soul and spirit . This level can help to understand and accept this for your direction of life.

In group therapy we are working together once a month to use colors which will give you a warm and nice feeling into all your dimensions. This helps to release certain areas of discomfort and to be more aware of how the cosmic rays flows into your own way of life. We see at this moment that a lot has happened within our lives.

In healing it is important to take enough time for opening yourself to the coming energy and the integration afterwards. The efficiency of the work will be greater. So please take at least a quarter before and a quarter after the healing time.

10:45 : Lay down and relax, open yourself, let happen.

11:00 : Distant Color group Healing to receive and let go the old patterns

11:30 : Further relaxing and integration. Some of us will be able to fall in sleep after this wonderful distant group healing.



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