Consciousness is a hologram uniting the many levels of our being with time and space. Light is an active force in itself and the carrier of a continuous flow of vital information into the dynamics of living. Color translates this into the specific frequencies of the building blocks of life.

Sound weaves it all into the living flow of form. We live within a network of interdependent belonging. Distant Color works with flow and integrity between the pattern and plan behind each life and how it is expressed in the material world.

The Color Program is operated through our Color Room. It is an inter dimensional project that is managed from the subtle realms. Here there is access to the historical patterns within each life. These indicate specific color and frequency combinations that are then focused into the most receptive aspect of consciousness in relation to the needs of the whole. This work is essentially non invasive. It encourages the clearing of static and shadow. It promotes psychic hygiene and facilitates a more conscious free-will response.

The Color Program is arranged to suit the most convenient day and time for each client. The time chosen becomes a specific linking that is a treatment within itself which then flows into the 24-hour cycle where much of the color work occurs during sleep state

The Color Program is held over a period of 14 weeks. A personal color report is sent on commencement, as an interim and on completion.

The cost for this series of distant color treatments is $ 80,00 . Please email me for more information.

The color program Digital is held over a period of 7 weeks. You get an small image on which way the colors will sent to you and a small explanation color report is sent with this email. The cost of this program is only $ 30,00

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