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color group healing

on 31 May 11:00 – 12:00 a group color healing will take place again.

Theme: Be human and let go.

We have been the target of thoughts and intentions that people bring with them for several months.
It’s not about feeding that fear but about seeing what fear can do to us and whether or not we want it. Fear has colored us in varying degrees and we are now moving uncertainly. All that remains for us is to find a basic feeling in our being. We have long strayed from the way in which others like marketing and others want to see the interests of us as humans and as goals.
We no longer want to be manipulated by this approach and rather face the truth.

Science, which in itself is a religion of its own, on which society is based, has failed. Our emotional, mental and astral powers are very impressionable. When we look at the current situation, we see that the weak are allowed to let go under us. We envision death, which is not actually death, but a state to another process that is still so unclear to many. “There is no death, there is a continuity of life.” For example, when a virus can strengthen itself in the body, it has to do with our immune system. Older people and often also the weaker person (who may go earlier, of course) also has a weak psychological astral body. This astral body has to do with what we have to do with this life now. It is therefore directly connected to our emotional, mental energy and which in turn are connected to the muscles. You therefore understand that our respiratory system makes a lot of use of muscles. In addition, our air condition also teaches us about how we approach and use Mother Earth.

Color healing in this group session of up to 40 people can make you feel different and help support your immune system. Registration is desirable via this site and / or the Dutch site

Color Group Session Please, count me in

healing time 11:00 – 12:00 h +1 GMT

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