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The evolution of mankind is being overshadowed by cosmic frequencies of light beyond ordinary calculation. As a whole, the path of the evolution of the humanities has attained a sufficient and consistent level to be taken into a higher stage of responsibility in universal measure.
This is already anchored within the higher levels of the fourth and fifth dimensions and the deep collective network of consciousness. It becomes a reservoir from which all begin to draw according to merit.
Those moving ahead are obliged to share in the preparation of all needing extra support for the change.
Gradually the interdimensional filters are transforming historical shadow in relation to repetitional history and separative beliefs.
It is in fact a multi-levelled project – as mankind moves forward and up, it is in concert with other parallel evolutions.
Some might say that all this is talking of a distant future. Yet it is visible and active close to the consciousness of collective man, even now.
There are elements of cosmic activity descending towards the earth even as we are being drawn into these higher orbits.
The future of our world is already happening at higher frequencies and this is a powerful transformational influence.
Very ancient karmic history is dissolving. The whole relationship between the Earth as a sentient Being and Mankind is altering. The nuclear oscillation within the physical form is becoming more etherial. We are separating from the material Earth and beginning to rise above the inevitability of physical death.
Many spiritual systems have completed their contribution and are entering into the universal embrace of their source and union.
All this is of course very subtle and must emerge almost unnoticed for it is a collective movement through individual inner leadership.
It becomes visible even as outwardly such powerful light and dark forces are engaged in conflicts without borders.
While we may at present calculate more through the measure of man’s inhumanity, the force of his divinity is greater than it has ever been.
We are entering into living a third dimensional life from a fourth and fifth dimensional level of consciousness.

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