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Emergency support request

We all need some kind of support in healing. The harmonieus awakening is important for us all. There is a need for understanding in how we live into todays world. These support is possible of very low cost only 15 Euro and if you like to give it to try first You can ask even for free for 5 weeks only. What I need to know for these request is Your name, date of birth and the request you have to ask for yourselves. At this moment is payment direct possible by paypal only (with mastercard) For those who like to pay directly to my account here is my banc accountnumber 

ING BE75 37701867 3951 BBRUBEBB 

Please write down for emegency support T.A.O. van de Sande, de mattein 66, 1790 Hekelgem 

Emergency support form
this is for emergency color support only during 14 weeks cost 15 €
Price: 15,00 €

Emergency support

15 / 14 weeks
  • contact by email
  • 24/7 support
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