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Children are very sensitive to colors. This is partly because they experience an uninhibited cosmic contact. Children are also very sensitive to environmental factors. Due to the current pressure of life (from the parents, but also at schools etc.) this can be very disturbing for the child. The pressure is currently too great, children are bombarded by current techniques (toys, ipad, mobile phone, television, abundance of sounds). As a result, they receive too many incentives that, for example, make concentration difficult, but also process the day and sleep peacefully. More young people are currently seeing heart problems. Night’s sleep is neglected while sleeping is one of the most important activities is to recover physically and psychologically. What many do not know is that cosmic information is also passed on during sleep to start the next day fresh (this is also called “awareness” – contact with the heart is strengthened during sleep). People today have a hard time sinking their souls into their bodies.

Color support promotes contact with one’s own soul. This is done remotely. You only have to state the name and date of birth of the child, and the point of attention (the inconveniences of the child). In this way I tune in to the child and receive instructions about the color they need at certain moments and I then send them through a color light bank. The effect is energetic, subtle and thin. Light works just like nature, it strives for balance.

For example, a child who has ADHD / autism characteristics etc can benefit greatly from this form of support. It will get better and better connection with itself during the 14-week process and will become calmer. Very sensitive children can have an effect within 2 weeks, or even immediately.

I ask 15 Euro for this color support of 14 weeks because I think it is important that children are certainly supported in this society.

Emergency support form
this is for emergency color support only during 14 weeks cost 15 €
Price: 15,00 €