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Comments august – Peter Goldman

The Soul ever pursues with humor and curiosity the nature and experience of Being. Moment by moment marks a state of harmonic exchange to spiritual principle and soul-purpose. Existence is alchemy in action. There is no static. All is used to the good and linear time is no measure.
The nature of energetic flow from the base Chakra is changing. Showing within the global pressure of these times is an emerging of new frequencies within the life-force reservoir at the base of the spine.
Life histories are under new scrutiny where Mankind as a whole is able to make better use of what we already know.
This brings a clearing within the complexity of ‘inner space’ and more clarity into the many-life structure.
Insight beyond the horizon of rational perception is expanding. Light from the ‘wisdom levels’ is more present within key centers in the brain, diminishing attraction to addictive and compulsive pressures.
There is a dissolving/healing/renewing of key points especially through conception-gestation and the early months.
Incarnation, through its cycles and stages embraces challenge without superstitious confusion.
In this sense we are as messengers from the future expanding partnership within interdimensional culture.