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It is a strange reshaping time when we seem to be pushed forwards and yet thrown backwards at the same time – a time of extremes.Translucent colours from the highest dimensions enfold the Human Spirit reminding us of where we have come from, of being a part of a Divine plan. Have we forgotten? Sometimes the innermost situations give us space to reflect. The colours are pink, violet, light blues and some so elusive it is hard to grasp. The feeling is one of total unconditional love and compassion.At the other extreme, we are all thrown into immovable confusion which shockingly seems to come from nowhere- colours are mixed, mostly earthly. In between both states of consciousness the colour indigo acts like a bridge of light connecting the memory of a higher realisation and one of uncertainty. Being restricted and constrained feels like we are trapped, nowhere to go or move outside of ourselves. Our vulnerabilities are challenged as well as our strengths. Regrettably in all extremes of energy and consciousness confusion brings in negative aspects as well as positive. For those who live in dangerous conditions. We enfold them with vibrations of the deepest love and support radiating colours of pink and cobalt blue.Indigo with its beautiful depth of reality within the Third Eye chakra allows us to look within to a simpler form of existence, to remember times past where life was confined but it brought out the best in all of us remembering the values of life – less is more.The pleasure of assisting others in need and the joy of rediscovering nature in all her glory gladdens the heart. Green brings in a rejuvenation of the human spirit and the realisation that we are a part of all life.For those who choose to return to spirit within this testing time, we surround them with compassion and joy, accepting that it is their soul decision. Imagine the light and love that receives them.It feels as though the aurora borealis is in evidence with all its cosmic display; usually seen in high altitudes as a disturbance in the magnetosphere, radiations of colours streaming invisibly connecting dimensions, reawakening memories, thought processes, emotional needs and sensory awareness. It is a gift- one that we may all benefit from. written by Pam Blake-Wilson

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