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Changes are emerging in the nature of existence and the many-life structures.
A different relationship to Families of Origin is emerging.
The place of the child in the family, the expression of the Soul through Gender and the nature of personality is altering.
Karmic time/space relationships are entering a new phase. 
The dynamic tension between spirit and matter is of a changing order.
The invisible is becoming more visible and the material reality more subtle.
The indications are of Soul consciousness entering more fully into the pathways and structures of the brain and in parallel, higher light frequencies are flowing safely through the chakra system.  Health at a cellular level is rising above that of many present day bacterial and viral diseases.
The capacity of the inter-dimensional sense or ‘presence’ is closer to that of ‘enlightenment where we can bring and hold spiritual focus as a new norm.
In one way it this allows a sense of innerfreedom which suggests the dissolving of historical shadows   and then there is a shifting in the biochemical imprint of race and gender – which is clearly visible in current experience.
If this is subtle and gradual and without drama, then psychological imprinting will not overshadow the gifts and talents of the individual as they mature.  The hazards and challenges of incarnation to its ‘higher purposes is diminished and the ‘promise of a life’ remains intact.

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