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Challenges and opportunities of the age of light (free translation text 2020/02/20 PeterGoldman)


We have crossed the threshold to the age of light and are now in one new world. Even if the old forms still prevail in the third dimension,we feel: the new one is already there! But what can we expect here? How can we do the best?prepare for this new? What does it mean? Spiritual teacher Peter Goldman looks at some processes and problems that we encounter. We can look forward to the future!The possibilities that are now available at the beginning of the age of light are enormous andastonishing. The challenges are that to get ahead, the shadows of thehistory must be brought to light and transformed – and that is happening now.Just like the shadows of history, our individual shadow aspects must alsobe brought to light. This is a challenge for modern medicine, which is in transition from body-related chemistry to the psyche. The individual experiences much more pressure,both psychologically and spiritually. Because the age of light brings shadows into the light to themdiseases, diseases and physical imbalances are different. We are going to have a time ofmedical diseases in which spiritual healing with colors and sounds is becoming increasingly importantis going to be. The medicines of the future are not in a bottle or tablet. It’s great if itspiritual color and sound-restoring work can spread because it is also healingdeals with consciousness and not just the outer form.The roots of the religions are beautiful. The structures of the religions must now be changed,which is only possible very slowly. They will change and it will not be pleasant. Us becametold what to believe. This is about stories and history that has been constantly repeated. But thetruth in the religions themselves is not always accessible. If this area opens up more, we have onemore direct access to light through the original teachers and teachings. The natural nature ofreligion is emancipation, which causes spontaneous awareness. It gives the soul a choicewho can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. As a result, we are no longerself-destructive and we do not isolate ourselves from other people. And we no longer feel ourselvesAttracted to substances that work by manipulation and sensations instead of a naturalawakening consciousness.Newly arrived souls will be able to handle it. However, there are still many forces that arisefeed like parasites and they try to gain power. But this is the world that we learn to steerto bring order. The invisible world is becoming more visible

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